Improving Drama

En esta asignatura propia del centro, trabajamos con los alumnos la inteligencia emocional, el teatro y la expresión corporal. Para ello usamos como lengua vehicular el inglés.

A continuación dejamos un resumen de lo trabajado durante una sesión:

Using toys we developed our senses to feel emotions and to study one object. We used sight, hearing, touch and smell with one toy. Also we practiced to share, we had a lot of toys but we can only take one.
After that we turned into our toy developing our empathy. To end this part, intrapersonal intelligence, we slept as our toys, setting up our transformation into one different character.
Then we started the interpersonal intelligence training. We met a friend and we introduced our toy: the name, the hobbies, the favourite colors… Finally we acted out one play “playing” with our toys to share with the class.
Next week we will have more and exciting adventures in our way to Improving Drama.